Web Design

Web sites are today’s business cards, they are essential to a business's existence and it allows customers to connect with a company or an product in a very unique way. A good website is a website that you don’t really notice. One that functions the way that it is supposed to and that is pleasing to the eye. This seems like a simple enough idea, but it is sometimes hard to execute especially if you try to do this on your own without the right training or programming skills.

Design By E offers complete web solutions for small to large businesses. We take care of the complicated coding while making a site that is beautiful and highly functional. We design with your online visitor in mind, we ensure that they have an enjoyable yet engaging experience while they are looking at your site. We achieve this by incorporating lots of visual elements: pictures, videos, social media, etc. We produce interesting yet simple designs relevant to your line of business.

All of our sites are designed with the mobile web in mind. Some companies will create two different websites for you, one that looks well on a mobile device and one that will look good on a computer screen. We believe that if the website is made correctly from the beginning, you don’t need to create two; especially because this can be very costly.

Let us worry about all the technical details of creating a website for you. You can have as little or as much involvement that you want in the creative process, Design By E will encourage you to be a part of this process and will get to know you and your business so that the product that we create for you represents your brand as accurately as possible. You are the painter, we are just the tools you will use to create your masterpiece.

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Types of websites that we do:

- Business
- Social Media
- E-commerce & Shopping Carts
- Membership Websites

Plus many others…